Walsh Family
What's new?

I have finally put my library in order! I am thrilled. I have worked on and off for three days! And it is still not
100%. I have decided on catalog them with that scanner thing- so much easier than entering it by hand.
Liam's books are all a problem because we built the shelves short and shallow to get as many in as
possible and of course Liam's books are oversize.  We might have to build some bigger shelves.
My book categories are
European History
American History
Latin American History
all other history
Fiction- includes poetry and plays
Travel- includes maps and atlases
Liam's Henty books
Liam's books
Foreign Language instruction
Latin and Greek
Grammar and Rhetoric
Theology includes- Thieme, devotions and 'Christian living' stuff
Riding and animal care
Music (I have 4 total in this category:)
Household management, domestic arts
Child development
My teaching textbooks
Everything else and Oversize

I wonder what I left out and what my choice of books says about me?

Well we finally got almost normal temperatures. But still it's only 100 degrees. Enough to keep us inside most of the day!  
I had a great time at the Christian Home Educators convention last week. I was able to see all the
curriculum I'd read about. I made some big decisions so that felt good. I am definitely going next year!
Pippa has a huge gash and they're worried about infection so she's on antibiotics.
Liam has settled in with Miss Shelley...whew!

We are having the most unusual weather here! We haven't even come close to hot yet! I am loving it!
Liam is having a bit of a time adjusting to the new preschool room and teacher but he will do fine.
I still can't sell my horse. I want a new one.
Paschal's starting a physical anthropology class- that should be a tough one!
My cruise was really great. I am much more patient with the boy now. I think I should do that every year-
someone tell my husband...please.

Liam is 4! He is sleeping in his big boy room all by himself and loving it. He has started to do some little
horse shows and is having lots of fun with his pony.

Jill is going on a R&R cruise to Canada in June. It can't come too soon!

Paschal just finished the semester at Valley College as the lab assistant for the machining program.
This is the Walsh family of
Hemet, California
Paschal Walsh
Jill  Walsh
Liam Walsh